NOUS Community Hub

Welcome to the NOUS Community Hub!

Join us in shaping the future and making a meaningful impact on the industry.

Welcome to the NOUS Community Hub! This is where stakeholders come together to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the advancement of cloud services in Europe.

The NOUS project identifies the need to create cutting-edge cloud technologies and make them accessible to a broader audience. Thus, it focuses on conducive data sharing, exchange, and trustworthy data infrastructure creation.

Our mission

The NOUS project aims to revolutionize cloud services by creating a European Cloud Service architecture that integrates computational and data storage resources from edge devices, supercomputers, and Quantum Computers. By leveraging high-performance and edge computing technologies, NOUS will enable efficient data processing and utilization, driving innovation and productivity for businesses, research institutions, and individuals across Europe. Through its decentralized approach, NOUS maximizes data processing capabilities, empowering Europe to handle vast amounts of data with unprecedented efficiency.

Join NOUS on this exciting journey to pave the way for a digital landscape in Europe that not only meets the challenges of today but anticipates the opportunities of tomorrow.

The NOUS Community Hub brings together a diverse array of European organisations and individuals dedicated to advancing a unified agenda in the realm of cloud computing and data management. With a focus on fostering collaboration and innovation, our network strives to harness the collective expertise of research institutions, public authorities, businesses, and civil society.

Join us in shaping the future of cloud services and data management through collaboration and knowledge-sharing.