Empowering Europe’s Data Future

Our Vision

The vision of NOUS is to provide a uniquely suitable infrastructure and services to scientists and professionals for running computationally intensive and complex algorithms on a commercial cloud interface. The project envisions creating a comprehensive blueprint for implementing a cloud service where each implementation is interconnected with other EU platforms. 

The project aspires to be the technological leg of Europe’s Next Generation Cloud.

About NOUS

NOUS is a 36-month EU-funded project, which aims to develop the architecture of a European cloud service that allows computational and data storage resources to be used from edge devices as well as supercomputers, through the HPC network, and Quantum Computers.


The NOUS components

The pipeline of NOUS within the scope of the project will include three types of components: i) computational components that are responsible for executing computations; ii) edge components that are responsible for communicating with edge devices (such as IoT sensors/ actuators/ devices); iii) data storage components that are responsible for data storage and storage management.

NOUS is the cornerstone of a new digital era for Europe, where the fusion of cloud computing, edge technology, and quantum capabilities not only reshapes our data infrastructure but also our approach to innovation and collaboration across borders.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Project Coordinator

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